Environmentally friendly attractive retaining walls and sound barriers

Q   What is TimberGrid ?

A   TimberGrid is a timber retaining wall solution which uses treated timber to form a crib structure to encapsulate stone,providing a cost effective simple "Gravity Wall"

Q   What is a Gravity wall ?

A   A Gravity Wall is a retaining wall that relies largely on its mass to resist unwanted earth movements.

Q   What is TimberGrid manufactured from ?

A   Radiata or Yellow Pine. soft wood, that is plantation grown from a renewable forest.

Q   What is the design life ?

A   In excess of 60 years. All components are treated with High Concentration Copper Azole preservative solution.

Q   What can it be filled with ?

A   Stone, Crushed concrete, recycled bricks.

Q   Why is it built leaning ?

A   This helps prevent overturning, and less soil wedge behind the wall produces less pressure.

Q   Can it be built vertically ?

A   No.

Q   Does it need a foundation ?

A   Yes - (see cross sections) - The trench is built and filled with a stiff mix concrete. An angle of 1:4 is on top to form the 'batter' or 'lean back'.

Q  How are the headers connected to the foundation ?

A   They are tamped into the concrete.

Q  Can the wall be planted ?

A   Yes, special grow bags can be inserted into the wall during the building process.

Q   Can fencing be put on top of the wall ?

A   Yes, we have various standard details available. Email info@timbergrid.com

Q  Can the color of TimberGrid be changed ?

A   Yes, all the timbergrid components can be stained if desired.

Q  Will TimberGrid design & build a TimberGrid wall for me ?

A   Yes , please contact us with the details  Email info@timbergrid.com

Q   Can TimberGrid supply product for me to build myself ?

A   Yes, please contact us for details  Email info@timbergrid.com

Q   Does TimberGrid allow drainage through the wall to relieve Hydrostatic Pressure Build up ?

A   Yes, the infill and backfill stone are graded to allow good drainage.

Q   Can TimberGrid accommodate applied loads in the form of slope surchargesand,for example, Car Parks or Heavy Goods  Vehicle loading ?

A   Yes, TimberGrid can be designed ( using standard components), to accommodate various loads, please contact us for details.

Q   Can I build a stairway within the wall ?

A   Yes, see the picture below. We have developed a range of steps through walls and as here parallel to them, please contact us for details.  Email  info@timbergrid.com